5 Drain Cleaner Tools You Should Have at Home

5 Drain Cleaner Tools You Should Have at Home

Clogged or slow drains are never a pretty sight – with greasy water on kitchen sinks or soapy water trapped in your shower or bathtub, it’s not a situation to ignore.

Plumbers usually spend more time cleaning drains than they might admit. The good news is that you can fix clogged or slow drains without calling for a plumber. However, if you’re aiming for sure-fire results with fewer risks of turning it into a worst-case scenario, consider reaching out for expert plumbers with the best modern drain cleaner tools to do the job.
Nonetheless, here are some essential drain-cleaning tools that can help make your job much easier.

Basic Drain Cleaning Tools for You

1. Plungers

Experts would say that the safest first step to effectively clearing any clog is to use the correct plunger for the location of the clog, such as the sink or toilet. After turning off the water supply and covering any possible overflow outlet for maximum pressure, use a plunger as your primary go-to drain cleaner tool. Many of us may not realize it, but some of the most effective tools available at home. Thus, when you use plungers in the proper way for suction and backup release, you can save yourself the worry and cost of calling a plumber.

If that doesn’t work, it’s time to go to phase two, leading to our next point.

2. Chemical Drain Cleaners

When using any chemical or enzymatic cleaner, be mindful of your safety. Avoid chemicals from splashing back onto your skin and eyes, and be sure to wear protective equipment like gloves and eye protection. Also, remember that different drain cleaners are used for varying types and severity of clogs you are trying to fix. For instance, a chemical drain cleaner for a slow-flowing drain will not effectively work for situations involving a complete blockage.

Although chemical-based drain cleaners work the fastest, they usually cause more damage to your pipes. That’s why you can also consider enzymatic cleaners as a slow but less harmful alternative. Lastly, do not mix drain cleaners with other cleaning products, as the chemical reaction can potentially result in toxic gas or even an explosion.

3. Hot Water Cleansing

You can find many supply stores that offer small wire brushes that are efficient as a sink drain cleaner tool for removing minor blockages from small spaces or your drain. Along with this, some use hot water and soap to flush affected drain pipes – working similarly to a toothbrush. This simple application effectively breaks apart clogged debris such as hair, soap, and food particles. Otherwise, you can also use soda products to deal with the drain issue.

4. Plumbing Hardware

If you’re a handyman with a plumbing toolbox filled with drain pipe cleaner tools like pipe and basin wrenches, standard pliers, this may help unclog drains by dismantling severely clogged fixtures. Take note, however, that when you are removing drain straps – such as U-traps and S-traps – ensure that you have at least these other tools:

  • Metal files
  • Hacksaw
  • Pipe cutters/tubing cutters

You can purchase these at the nearest hardware store, or you can find some handy drain cleaning tools at Home Depot.

5. Drain Snakes

You can find manual drain snakes (also known as drain augers) in many hardware stores. As one of the most flexible drain cleaning tools, this long, tube-like tool is used to push thick blockages down your pipe. It usually has a grip handle that you can grasp while carefully moving the remaining wire down the drain.

Professional Help at Home

Additionally, if you ever need professional assistance, you can hire plumbers with professional equipment to remove even the most severe clogged materials. Among these includes (but are not limited to):

Motorized Drain Augers

Contrary to your manual drain snakes, your expert plumbers use modern and powerful motorized drain snakes to reach deep into and unclog your drains. Unlike wires, these drain snakes use a motor, and the plumber manipulates the tool the same way as to how a corkscrew works. By doing so, they can clear the way.


Hydro-jetting (or “scour-jetting”) equipment can break through almost any type of clog and perform comprehensive cleaning to eliminate grease more effectively, mineral deposits, and soap scum for a properly working drain. Only professional plumbers with the necessary special training and protective gear can work with this tool due to the possible dangers from powerful water streams. In these cases, hydro-jetters from RIDGID are the most well-known brand with several models with high HP motors for both electric and gas models for fast performance.

Air-Burst Cleaners

These drain pipe cleaner tools use pressurized gas (carbon dioxide or other gas) to disintegrate and dislodge a clog by directing the force through the standing water in the clog. They are considered the most effective way to clean clogs from drain lines filled with water quickly.

At A Better Plumbing, we use the best field equipment and state-of-the-art drain cleaning tools highly regarded by the most professional and knowledgeable team of plumbers in Arvada, CO. We are happy to answer your inquiries about our service and advanced drain cleaning tools. We will provide you with quick answers to your questions. Call us now!

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