5 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair or Replacement

5 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair or Replacement

Your home’s water heater is showing you signs that repair or replacement is long overdue.

However, people often shrug off these signs. A Better Plumber is here to save you from the hassle. As industry experts, we know the telling signs that water heater replacement and repair are needed. No one wants to wake up to a spine-tingling shower. For that reason, you should have it maintained by professionals regularly.

Since your water heater runs 24/7, it is expected to break down at some point. When it no longer works as intended, don’t panic! There are professionals from A Better Plumber who will diagnose the problem and take the necessary action to fix or replace your water heater. We’ll shed light on the signs of water heater repair and replacement to keep your household’s water supply heated.

Signs You Should Watch Out For

Not everyone knows when to replace water heaters in their home. More often than not, it’s too late, and they’re left with cold water. Don’t let this happen in your home.

Watch out for these signs, and take action promptly:

1. Water Discoloration

When you open your faucet or shower, clear or colorless water should come out. If the water is murky, brownish, or has dark particles, your water heater may be the one to blame. When this happens, your health may be at risk. You should call an expert to clean your water heater.

They will also check if the water that will come out is clean. If cleaning it doesn’t work, it could mean that the inside of the water tank is rusty. Our plumbers at A Better Plumber will recommend the most suitable type of water heater for your household.

2. Water Temperature Irregularities

If your home’s water heater has been serving you for years, you may notice changes in the water temperature. There may be times when the water is hot, lukewarm, or ice-cold. If you experience temperature fluctuations, it is a sign that your water heater is malfunctioning. Think about when you bought it. If it’s new, then water heater repair would suffice. If it’s old, it is best you have it replaced.

A replacement will save you time, money, and a boatload of stress. Fluctuating water temperatures happen due to the buildup of mineral deposits. It affects the performance of the water heater’s parts and components. Plumbers will check if replacing some parts and components makes more sense than replacing the entire water heater unit.

3. Hot Water Shortage

Water heaters are designed to keep gallons of water ready for use at any time of day. If you notice that your hot water runs out faster than before, there may be issues with it. This is usually an indication that one or two parts of your water heater are not working properly.

When you call our team at A Better Plumber, we’ll diagnose the problem and make the needed repairs. You can also have our team conduct regular maintenance to keep this from happening. With us, you’re guaranteed to have enough hot water for days.

4. Unusual Noises

As years of use take their toll on your water heater, you’ll begin to notice mild buzzing sounds. This might not bother you at first, but these unusual noises may become worse. Homeowners often worry that this is a sign that their water heater will burst. It is normal to hear a little noise coming from your water heater. However, when you hear banging, cracking, or rumbling sounds, it’s time to call an expert.

If left unfixed, this can affect the integrity of the tank. Our team will find out if the unusual noises are because of mineral deposits. It could also mean that there are loose or broken components. Our plumbers are ready to handle water heater replacement and repairs.

5. Corrosion

Water heaters are bound to have signs of corrosion over the years. Obvious signs of corrosion are seen in the water quality and as rust on the tank’s exterior. Generally, this is an indication that a replacement is the only solution. If the corrosion is only on some parts, you may have them replaced. This will give you enough time to come up with the money for a new water heater.

When maintained properly, your water heater may last for 8-12 years. Get the peace of mind you deserve knowing your water heater will not break down on you. Our plumbers will be the ones to handle the cleaning and maintenance for you.

Reach Out to A Better Plumber Today!

Knowing whom to call for water heater repair, replacement, and maintenance will save you tons of time. Our well-trained plumbers in Littleton, CO, are equipped to address any of your water heater concerns. Call us today, and let us take care of your water heater!

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