6 Tips to Save Water During Summer

6 Tips to Save Water During Summer

As summer comes around the corner, every household consumes more than twice the amount of water they consume in winter. Water is an essential part of our everyday lives. However, in recent years the water supply has become more expensive and limited. Droughts are now more common, resulting in water shortages.

One of the reasons why drought has a big impact is because most people use up a lot of water, taking showers, washing their cars, and watering their lawn. Efficient use of water is necessary for saving water for when it is actually needed.

Being able to save water will not only help your city against drought but will also save you time and money on water bills. Being mindful of your daily water consumption will certainly help you save water during the summer.

Here are six useful tips on how to save water in the summer:

1. Effective Landscaping

In most households, maintaining perfect green lawns and blossoming flowers are important. However, these landscapes require a lot of water to maintain. If you want to save water, consider altering the landscaping of your home. Rock gardens, growing native plants, and plants that don’t require too much water, such as succulents and cactus, can help you save water.

If your lawn doesn’t serve a special purpose for the family, consider replacing it with a cemented front yard or a wooden patio. This will help you save more water than you can imagine, not just in the summer but all year long.

2. Use Low-Flow Appliances

Since summertime brings more heat and humidity, everyone spends more time in the shower than they usually do. Add it to the constant toilet flushing, dishwashing, and laundry. Your water consumption will surely be at an all-time high. Using low-flow appliances such as a low-flow toilet can help you save water. You can also invest in low-flow showerheads, dishwashers, faucets, and washing machines.

3. Practice Water Conservation at Home

If you have kids at home, they can also be the source of increased water consumption. Kids love playing with water, so be mindful of the sprinklers, faucets, and hoses in your house. Make sure that you practice water conservation and that your kids know how important it is to save water at home. Educate them about how water costs money and teach them how to consume water responsibly.

4. Take Your Car to The Car Wash

Are you used to washing your car at home? You may think that you are saving more water and money by washing your car at home, but note that it takes 150 gallons of water to wash a single vehicle at home. Car wash services, however, only use 50 gallons of water per vehicle. With the goal of actually saving water, car wash companies make sure that their consumption is always monitored and calculated. By taking your car to the car wash, you will save more water at home and conserve the water supply in your area.

5. Limit the Time You Spend on Showers

This one is fairly obvious, but many people don’t seem to understand the importance of limiting their shower time. Being mindful of how long your showers take will help you save water during the summer. Most people spend more time in the shower because of the heat and the dirt that sticks to their sweaty skin. The best way to solve this is to have a quick body rinse off every time you need to freshen up instead of hopping into the shower every time you feel hot.

6. Fix Plumbing Leaks

One of the main causes of high water consumption is broken and leaking pipes. When your toilet, sink, bathtubs, and water tanks are leaking, water is constantly flowing and being wasted. This could be a big problem not only for your water bill but also for the floor, wall, and foundation of your house.

To fix this, look for the best plumbing leak repair services in your area as soon as possible. The sooner you fix the issue, the less damage you will have to deal with. It is important that you know how to save water from a leaking tap for the problem to be sorted out as soon as possible.

If you suspect water leakage in your pipes, our plumbers in Denver, CO, are always available to help you with plumbing repairs. Our staff at A Better Plumber are trained to fix leaking pipes to help you limit your water consumption during the summer.

There is no single solution for saving water, but with our plumbing services, you can make sure that all of your pipes and appliances are in good condition to help you conserve water all year long. Call us now!

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