6 Types of Valves Used in Residential Plumbing

6 Types of Valves Used in Residential Plumbing

Choosing the correct valve is important for your home.

Homeowners should carefully consider this; valves are essential for regulating the water flow in your residential plumbing system. It is best to know all of your options, their pros, cons, and the application they’re best fitted for.

Most types of valves in plumbing for residential properties are part of the water supply system. They can control, shut off, or adjust the water flow from a well or water utility, depending on their design.

Valves are made of different materials, such as PVC plastic, bronze, and brass. These are things you should also consider in choosing your valves.

What Are the Different Types of Valves?

Your water heater, showers, sinks, bathtub, and outdoor faucets each use a different valve.

Here are some of the valves used in residential plumbing systems:

1. Ball Valve

Branch lines and main water shutoffs often use this type of valve in plumbing. Ball valves have lever handles, and they’re either open for full water flow or closed to stop the water completely. Ball valves have handles that connect to a ball with a hole in the middle.

To determine if the valve is on or off, just look at its handle. If the ball valve’s handle is parallel to the water pipes, the valve is open. If it’s perpendicular, the valve is closed, and water isn’t flowing.

2. Butterfly Valve

The exterior of this type of valve in plumbing will make you mistake it for a ball valve. However, butterfly valves look entirely different inside. They have metal discs that rotate to control the water flow. The water flows around the disc and regulates its pressure and flow — even if the valve is open.

Unlike ball valves that are all-or-nothing, butterfly valves adjust the flow of water. One downside to this valve is that the gasket inside it needs regular maintenance. However, butterfly valves may not be the first option they’ll recommend when you call for residential plumbing services.

3. Gate Valve

Gate valves are designed to shut off the water or let it flow completely. Using them otherwise may damage or wear them out faster than intended. This type of valve has a metal gate inside that is lowered or raised by a circular handle.

It’s usually located in main water pipes or pipes leading to the broiler. The metal parts of gate valves are prone to corrosion, and it often gets stuck.

4. Pressure-Reducing Valve

This type of valve regulates the water pressure of the entire plumbing system to your preferred level. It comes with a diaphragm and a spring that you can adjust to your desired limit.

They’re not the type of valve used to open and close the water supply. Instead, it throttles the water flow down to reduce the overall pressure. Pressure-reducing valves are common in homes with high water pressure.

5. Globe Valve

Globe valves have a bulge in their body, which is not common in other valves. Their handles are twist knobs used to regulate the flow of water. Properties where water flow is regularly adjusted often have this type of valve in plumbing.

The globe valve’s design makes it perfect for outdoors or other utility faucets. Twisting its knob raises or lowers the stopper connected at the end of the valve stem. Raising the globe valve’s stem adjusts water volume to your preferred level.

6. Fixture Shutoff Valve

They’re also called stop valves. This type of valve comes with small knobs or handles, which control the water flow in individual plumbing fixtures, such as toilets or faucets. There are two types of fixture shutoff valves — a 90-degree-angle version and a straight one.

This type of valve in plumbing allows you to repair a fixture without the need to shut off your entire water supply. Internally, it has different designs. Some have a simple compression washer that controls a valve seat operated by the valve handle. Some use a diaphragm design, which presses down on a valve seat opening to stop the water flow.

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