A Professional Drain Cleaner - Essential Nowadays

A Professional Drain Cleaner: Essential Nowadays

Picture this; you washed your hands and noticed that the water is not draining as quickly as it should. You used the toilet, but you had to plunge it a little more, and you took a shower, but the tub floor still has water. These things didn’t bother you at all, as it seems like not a big deal. However, did you ever consider what goes down the drain every single day? Whatever we do inside the house that involves water utilizes the plumbing system – when you shower, use the toilet, wash the dishes and do the laundry. When was the last time you called a commercial drain cleaner? Remember, what seems small now can still cause an emergency tomorrow.

Several types of food particles, grease, oil, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and laundry detergent, go down your drain every day. Can you even imagine how your pipes handle these if you let a professional drain cleaner clean them? The sad truth here is, many homeowners allow drain cleaning to stay on the important maintenance list until an emergency happens.

How often should you bring in a professional drain cleaner? A cleaning schedule depends on the size of your home and on how often you use your drain. Professionals generally advise drain cleaning once a year. This timing may wait a little longer for smaller households; more frequent cleaning is necessary for bigger homes. Either way, you would need advice from an expert on this.

As cliché as it sounds, prevention is always better than cure. Imagine it this way: What seems tiny now can become chaos when taken for granted. And if that happens, you should ready your pocket for a costly remedy.

To avoid unnecessary costs and problems, it is best to work with the best drain cleaners who can tell you so many reasons why you should hire a professional drain cleaner and how regular cleaning becomes essential today.

1. Gets rid of the nasty smell.

Who would want a nasty smell coming from the drains? You should know that the pipes contain several food particles and other waste products containing bacteria and mold. Naturally, it produces a foul odor, and I tell you, this is not something you can bear by simply covering your nose. Regular cleaning helps you get rid of this.

2. Reduce the tendencies of getting clogged.

Over time, your pipes may get obstructed by several accumulated particles. If you keep on feeding your pipe without letting it swallow for once, wouldn’t it choke? Hiring a commercial drain cleaner can help you release the obstruction and let it breathe easily. As a returned favor, it speeds the water down the drain!

3. Extends the lifespan of your pipes.

When you minimize the number of clogs, you extend the life of the pipes. If there is no clog inside and everything moves smoothly, damage in the lines will be prevented. Thus, no need for a replacement anytime soon.

4. Keeps your pocket safe over time.

Through regular cleaning, you can catch the slightest sign of damage. Once a plumber takes notice of this, you can take preventive measures. Some professional drain cleaners use a high-end sewer camera where you can see how your pipeline looks. This cost-effective approach allows easy and practical observation.

5. Keeps your house and family healthy

Clogged drains are just the perfect venue for mold and bacteria to live and grow. If you let your drains stay clogged, then the bacteria will last longer. It sounds terrifying, as this could cause a severe impact on the health of the whole household. There are molds and bacteria which can potentially harm your family. If the plumbing system is adequately maintained, consider it as one way to protect your family from a serious illness.

Professional drain cleaning is indeed essential nowadays. If the cost is the one holding you back from calling the professionals, imagine the additional expense when your pipes themselves shout out for help. What else is worse than a nasty smell, growing bacteria, clogged drains, and costly repairs?

Let’s not wait for an emergency to happen before we check your pipelines. Let’s not waste money when we can prevent it now. At A Better Plumber, we have the best drain cleaner and plumber in Littleton, Colorado. Call us anytime!

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