DIY Plumbing vs Hiring Plumbing Professionals

DIY Plumbing vs. Hiring Plumbing Professionals

Plumbing issues are household problems that often go unnoticed.

Because pipes are usually installed in the basement, in the walls, above the ceilings, and in slabs, inspection is complex. Even the most basic of plumbing systems are hidden at times. For example, kitchen sink drains are placed inside cabinets for aesthetic purposes.

Although plumbing issues cannot be readily seen, neglecting them will lead to potentially harmful outcomes. While some people rely on DIY plumbing, calling in plumbing professionals for repair services is still the best option.

Do-It-Yourself Plumbing

Because plumbing blogs and videos with DIY tips are widespread on the internet, some people believe it would be better to do the repair jobs themselves instead of seeking help from professional plumbers. While some plumbing issues seem easy to fix, DIY plumbing has risks that aren’t always mentioned online. Here are some:

  • Flooding – Does an in-home flood sound good to you? It doesn’t to us. While people believe that flooding is solely a result of major plumbing issues, simple drain openings and dishwasher plumbing are enough to cause it. By doing the needed repairs yourself, you are only increasing your property’s risk of water damage. Saving money on a plumber won’t do you any good when your finances are sleeping with the fish — literally.
  • Health Hazard – Excess moisture brought about by a faulty faucet is a health hazard to the entire household. How is that possible? Excess moisture improves the growth of mold and mildew. It also attracts pests and vermin, which could be carriers of viruses, bacteria, and microbes. This is one of the main reasons why calling for professional plumbing services should be at the top of everyone’s agenda.
  • Fire Hazard – Performing the repairs yourself entails using the tools and equipment that professional plumbing companies use. There are times when you would be tasked with soldering, especially with metal pipes in the plumbing system. It’s the torches used by plumbers, when improperly used, that are among the top causes of residential fires.
  • Structural Damage – Moisture does not only attract pests. It is also one of the reasons some parts of a house are discreetly damaged. By gradually seeping into different parts of your home — such as the furniture, walls, and ceilings — it incurs damage in the form of corrosion and decay.

Besides the dangers that DIY plumbing entails, it could also cost a debilitating amount of money in the long run. You can prevent major issues by leaving the plumbing repairs to the professionals.

Professional Plumbing

If you want to know when you should call for professional plumbing services, here is a list of plumbing jobs or repairs to consider:

  • Installing a new plumbing system in a newly constructed property
  • Replacing faulty toilets, dishwashers, or garbage disposal
  • Thawing frozen pipes
  • Renovating or remodeling kitchens and bathrooms
  • Moving pipes and other plumbing fixtures
  • Fixing broken pipes
  • Installing a new water heater

When plumbing issues arise, relying on instructional blogs and videos can help as emergency solutions while waiting for professional care. Whether it’s a simple repair job or an extensive one, contacting the best plumbers in your local area has its advantages.

1. Receive Top-Notch Services

Dealing with both uncomplicated and large-scale plumbing issues, the best way to ensure that everything is done right is by letting professional plumbers take the lead. They’ve spent years studying and training to gain knowledge, experience, and expertise; their services are far superior compared to homemade instructions on the internet.

Seek help from the best and most trustworthy professional plumbing company near you.

2. Save Money and Time

Not everyone has the luxury of time to scour the internet for instructional blogs and videos. Even if you do, this isn’t always a viable course of action. Trying to deal with plumbing issues yourself is a time-sink that’ll take up most of your day without any guarantee that you’ll get it right the first time, if at all. You may even end up worsening the pre-existing damage. With professional plumbers handling the repairs, your daily routine won’t be affected. Spare yourself from costly repairs by letting the professionals take care of them for you.

3. Have Confidence

There is nothing more frustrating than worrying whether what you did was right. Why stress yourself out when you can have the assurance that repairs are executed well by professional plumbers?

The safety of everyone in your household is of paramount importance. Sleep safe and sound, knowing that plumbing issue dangers have little to no chance of occurring.

4. Obtain Expert Advice

It might sound cliché, but prevention is always better than cure. This saying applies to plumbing as well. By calling in the plumbing professionals, you’ll also be advised about things to do and avoid as far as plumbing is concerned. Following their advice reduces the risk of plumbing issues reoccurring.

Call Experts for Plumbing Services

Do you need help with your plumbing at home? A Better Plumber is always at your service. We have the best plumbers in Aurora, CO, ready to provide you with the best plumbing services. For inquiries or questions, contact us at (720) 579-8133, or email us at [email protected] We are open from Mondays through Sundays, 7 AM to 7 PM.

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