Dripping Sounds - What Do They Mean?

Dripping Sounds: What Do They Mean?

Some dripping sounds come and go — others don’t.

You may have tried to locate the source of the problem by sound or checked every plumbing fixture in your home. However, your problem-hunting pursuit may be fruitless if the problem is invisible. You might opt for a DIY solution or consult the internet for a quick fix, but nothing beats a professional’s perspective.

A Better Plumber is an expert in the plumbing industry. We have helped homeowners with their plumbing issues, are experienced with dripping, and know the correct way to address them. If a toilet drip sound has been bothering you, here are some of the most common dripping sounds you’ve probably experienced and what they mean:

Five Common Drip Sounds and Why They Happen

1. Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets are one of the most common plumbing problems that a homeowner will likely encounter. If you’ve had your fair share of leaking taps, you know how distracting they are. They might even keep you awake at night. What makes it more challenging to diagnose is when the drip is so quiet that it stops before you can find it. The water may also drip so slowly that you can’t locate where the water is leaking from.

When this happens, something is likely wrong with the faucet. There might be mechanical issues, or your faucet is due for a replacement. Some of the reasons are:

  • Corrosion
  • Mineral Scale
  • Faulty O-ring

With the help of a seasoned plumber, diagnosing the problem is easy. The solution will either be a thorough cleaning or total faucet replacement.

2. Cracked Pipes

You can’t find some water dripping sounds no matter how much you keep your eyes peeled and your ears open. This could mean that the problem is happening behind your walls. A cracked pipe may result in a leak, which will affect the structural integrity of your walls and cause water damage.

The dripping sounds can happen due to many reasons, such as vibrations, concussions, or motions in the water pipes. Aside from that, air and varying water pressure may come with a tapping or dripping noise. Temperature changes may also be a culprit behind these weird sounds.

If you suspect that this is what’s causing the dripping sound, call a plumber right away. The faster the problem is fixed, the less you have to worry about water damage.

3. Toilet Tank Issues

You might think that toilet problems are confined to clogs and overflows. However, you may encounter toilet drip sounds, too. If you’ve been hearing dripping sounds coming from your toilet and already inspected its exterior, the problem may be in the tank.

Your toilet tank may have a malfunctioning flapper, which will result in water dripping into the bowl. The problem might also be caused by a cracked overflow tube. Excess water may trickle into the toilet bowl, causing toilet drip sounds. When you call a plumber for an expert’s opinion, they will detach the toilet tank cover and flush the toilet to see where the problem lies.
They will know if what’s causing the problem is the flapper, a leakage, or another issue affecting the float altogether.

4. Slow Drains

A clogged drain will drain water slower than usual. When water gets trapped, you’ll hear dripping sounds. An open and flowing drainage system should be able to remove water at a reasonable rate. You can clean your drains using things that you can find in your cupboards, such as vinegar and baking soda.

If the problem persists, call a plumber to the scene. They are better equipped to handle such situations. They will also give you tips on how you can maintain the health of your plumbing system.

5. Roof Leaks

Dripping sounds are a pain in the neck. If you can’t find the source, it may be because it’s coming from your roof. Check if you only hear the noise after rain or a snowstorm. If that’s the case, have someone check your roof.

The leak may find its way to your home’s foundation and affect its structural integrity. A professional plumber will verify if the leak isn’t coming from anywhere else. They will also check if your plumbing system is not to blame for any water damage.

Contact A Better Plumber Today!

Don’t wait for “inconsequential” dripping sounds to become a major plumbing problem.

You will either end up with a hefty water bill or costly water damage repair. Regular plumbing maintenance will guarantee that your home’s plumbing system is in pristine condition. You’ll be worry-free knowing that your plumbing fixtures will not let you down.

If there are drip sounds that you can’t find, a professional plumber in Littleton, CO, can help. Consult the experts immediately if you don’t want to wake up to damaged floorboards, ceilings, or walls. A Better Plumber knows how to deal with any plumbing situation. Call us today to start enjoying a drip-free household!

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