Excavation is a plumbing procedure that digs and moves soil with highly pressurized water. With high water pressure, the plumber can dig the dirt out of your sewer or pipes and transfer it to a debris tank attached to the equipment. This method is effective for waste removal.

Unlike other digging methods, plumbing excavation collects dirt from the pipes using a large vacuum and stores it in a large tank for disposal. This technique will ensure that no waste will be left in your plumbing and clean out all the clogs in your drain system. With its effective and safe cleanup, there will be minimal damage in the surrounding areas of the plumbing system.

Compared with conventional excavation methods requiring manual shoveling and digging, sewer excavation is much more effective and requires less time and effort to accomplish.

a professional plumber working on pipes under the sink
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Take a look at some other benefits of excavation:


Advanced Digging Methods

Excavation uses advanced technology and digging methods for proper cleanup and waste removal. This process uses vacuum systems and tanks to suck out dirt found in your sewage system effectively. It can even reach the deepest parts of your underground structures and excavate dirt, debris, and soil safely and effectively.

The high water pressure breaks down all the dirt; the vacuum lifts it from its location and then carries it to the debris tank for proper disposal.

exposed safety tubes during plumbing excavation
underground manhole digging with advanced equipment



Traditional excavation methods like manual digging leave too much dirt in the pipe system. When digging into the ground, it is crucial to be accurate and calculated because a single mistake can cause damage to the utility lines and require costly repairs and replacement.

With the intense water pressure and suction of pipe excavation, the dirt and debris from under the ground are broken down and siphoned into the debris tank. This process makes the results highly accurate, leaving your pipe system clean and free from any blockages.



With proper sewer pipe excavation, there is no need for any more unnecessary excavation processes. It is more precise and effective, which prevents damage to the surrounding pipes and the environment. Imagine the money you will save on repairs and maintenance.

An excavation method uses water to avoid the plumbing system, which leads to fewer chances of leaks and other damage, reducing the cost for future repair, replacement, and maintenance.

sewer line excavation
sewer cleaning using specialized equipment


Safe and Non-destructive

As mentioned above, the traditional excavation method usually damages the underground utilities. However, with an advanced excavation process, waste and soil cleanup is safer and non-destructive. High water pressure does not cause any damage to the pipes. With no digging, this method is the best way to repair an underground plumbing issue.
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