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How to Get Rid of Bathroom Smells at Home

A smelly bathroom, whether a luxurious one with a spa-like design or a simple one, is definitely something any homeowner would not want. It’s not just disgusting but can be a source of embarrassment if you have visitors.

Sure, a brief odor is expected from any bathroom, but if the awful smell lingers for a long time, you might have a deeper problem.

Although you are not in danger from the odor, it’s still best to get rid of bathroom smells as early as possible. It is not only for good hygiene; you should also see it as a way of keeping your plumbing in good condition.

Types of Bathroom Smells

Bathroom smells are generally expected in households. After all, it’s where people pee and poop. However, if the smell becomes too intense or lingers on for long periods, you should definitely find the source of the smell because it could indicate something is wrong with your bathroom plumbing.

Here are the three common bathroom smells that you might encounter at home.

1. Sewer Smell

If your bathroom smells like a sewer, this could be due to clogged, broken, or incorrectly-installed vent pipes. If a sewage backup took place, the sewer gasses could have entered your toilet or sink, resulting in foul odors.

2. Rotten Egg Smell

There are two possible reasons for this type of bathroom smell. The first involves your water supply source. If your water comes from a deep well, it could be that it has started pumping contaminated water.

The second reason involves the presence of sewer gases that may have found their way to the toilets or the septic tanks. This could be due to a blockage in the pipes, which caused the sewage to backup.

3. Musty Smell

Mold or mildew can cause that musty odor in your bathroom. The shower, the ceiling, and the walls behind towels and picture frames are common areas for fungal growth. The same fungus that often grows in damp basements also thrives in bathrooms that aren’t ventilated properly.

How to Make the Bathroom Smell Good

If stubborn odors plague your bathroom, consider the tips below to help you freshen up the place and create a welcoming environment.

1. Maintain Good Airflow

Bathrooms require adequate ventilation. Fresh air can make a huge difference in the way it smells. To maintain good ventilation, you should have a functioning vent fan. It can improve the air quality in the bathroom by eliminating foul odors and reducing humidity. Keeping your bathroom windows open can also increase airflow and help remove odors.

2. Light a Candle

A candle’s heat and smoke can help neutralize bathroom odors. Although scented candles would definitely help in keeping your bathroom smelling nice, the unscented variety can produce the same effect.

If you’re expecting guests, keep a candle lit in the bathroom at least an hour before they arrive to create a soothing atmosphere. Ensure that this is placed away from towels, shower curtains, and other flammable items. Also, never leave a candle unattended, and put it out if you have plans to go out.

3. Clean the Bathroom

The bad smell in the bathroom can sometimes be a sign that the place needs cleaning. Regular cleaning is not only good bathroom maintenance but also an effective way of eliminating foul-smelling odors. A quick cleanup can be done at least once weekly, while a deeper, more thorough cleaning can be scheduled bi-monthly.

When cleaning, you might think the toilet bowl is the dirtiest and most disgusting part of your bathroom. This is incorrect because the real culprits are the floor mats. They quickly accumulate microscopic particles, fluids, and other contaminants that can escape from the toilet when you flush. It does not mean that you can forget about cleaning the bowl. It should also be regularly scrubbed and cleaned using bleach.

4. Use Air Fresheners

If the bathroom odor is severe, air fresheners can be helpful. They aren’t necessarily the best way to get rid of bathroom smells, but they can definitely help. However, only a small amount of air freshener should be used, and avoid spraying the bathroom floor.

5. Keep Towels Dry

Bathroom odors can also be caused by a damp or dirty towel. If not dried enough, wet towels can become musty because of bacterial and fungi growth, which can happen fast.

To prevent this from happening, place the towel on a hanger and spread it out in an area with good airflow. It’s also a good idea to wash your towels at least once per week.

6. Empty Your Trash

While the trash can in your bathroom does not contain food scraps, it does carry common bathroom garbage, such as used wet wipes and sanitary napkins. These products can smell if not disposed of quickly.

Emptying your bathroom trash should regularly be done, not just when it is overflowing. Any delay is risky since the trash can contain harmful substances and pose several health risks.

7. Consider Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo charcoals are eco-friendly products that can absorb harmful chemicals and get rid of bathroom smells. These can also dehumidify the air, which can prevent mold growth. Use deodorizers or similar products containing bamboo charcoal for a fresh and clean bathroom scent.

8. Use Natural Cleaners

The air in the bathroom is often covered in a thick chemical residue when you use commercial cleaning products. These only mask foul odors and do not really get rid of them. A better bathroom odor remover alternative is using natural cleaners such as lemon juice, baking soda, vinegar, and other ingredients often found in the pantry.

Key Takeaway

Bathrooms are important places in any home, so it is crucial that they are kept clean and smelling fresh. It can be done in a variety of ways, but regular cleaning is the most effective.

An unclean bathroom is a perfect spot for bacterial growth, which can eventually expose you to various diseases. As you clean the bathroom, you don’t only keep bacteria from multiplying, you also practice good bathroom odor control. This spares you from embarrassment in case unexpected guests arrive. More importantly, a clean and sweet-smelling bathroom will not get damaged easily, so you need not worry about any immediate plumbing repair.

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