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Well-maintained plumbing systems guarantee trouble-free experiences in draining water, flushing toilets, and running faucets.

Most homeowners often forget to check the condition of their plumbing systems. When not properly maintained, you experience the hassle of costly plumbing repairs. Regular visits from your trusted plumbers are essential.

Our Lakewood plumber has your plumbing system covered. We have the experience, expertise, tools, and equipment to handle any plumbing problem. Our trucks are fully equipped with quality plumbing fixtures, so we get the job done right the first time we visit your place.

Benefits of Hiring Our Professional Plumber in Lakewood, CO


Holds License and Training Certificates

If you need a plumber in Lakewood, trust only the licensed professionals at A Better Plumber. We proudly bear Master Plumbing and Plumbing Contractor licenses. Hiring our team of experts guarantees professional and knowledgeable plumbing service, so you can ease your worry about any plumbing mishap your place has. 

Every Lakewood plumber in our team undergoes regular training for the latest developments in delivering plumbing services. We do this to prepare for any unforeseen plumbing emergencies. Aside from our annual in-house training, we also invite representatives from manufacturers to teach our team on the proper installation and repair.


Delivers Permanent Solutions

Say goodbye to faulty faucets or leaky pipes. You may have tried to remedy the situation by yourself using some rubber ties or sealant that you brought from a hardware store. However, that fix is only temporary.

When you call our plumber in Lakewood, we’ll do a seamless job from beginning to end. At A Better Plumber, we aim to deliver fail-proof services using quality equipment — Spartan drain augers, Spartan sewer snakes, and RIDGID sewer cameras.


Gives Comprehensive Diagnostics

When you choose us for your Lakewood plumbing, we will give you diagnostics of the problem and detailed solutions for it. Knowing the reason behind your faulty plumbing system will prevent problems from happening again.

We will also provide you with helpful tips to prolong the lifespan of your pipes, prevent blockages, and keep your drains open and flowing.


Guarantees Clean Water for Consumption and Use

Clean water is another primary reason you should hire Lakewood plumbing professionals. We know the importance of clean water — from washing dishes, cooking, doing laundry to water consumption. That said, we’re the ones to trust with anything plumbing-related.

Besides maintenance and repairs, we also install water filtration systems. We acquired the Nova Water Treatment Systems. This ensures you get clean water for usage and consumption at all times.

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Services We Offer

If you need a plumber in Lakewood, choose A Better Plumber. We offer a wide range of plumbing services. With us, there’s no need to worry about your pipes, drains, toilets, and sinks.


Drain Cleanings

The things that go down your drains are unhygienic – from oil to hair, grime, and all sorts of debris. Over time, you might see signs your drains are not in working order. Grease, food particles, and other waste accumulate and cause a blockage. Routine maintenance guarantees your pipes are clean and clog-free.

Our drain cleaning services will eliminate any clogs down your drains. Expect an open and flowing drainage system when you have our drain team working for you.


Sewer Camera Inspection

The network of pipes you have in your property is either underground or behind your walls. When you call us for an annual sewer camera inspection, our plumber Lakewood will use cutting-edge RIDGID sewer cameras with TruSense to see the current state of your pipes. From there, you’ll get a better view of your entire plumbing system.



As a trusted Lakewood plumbing company, we handle anything related to your plumbing — from installation, repairs to replacements. We handle sump pumps, sewer lines, water heaters, water filters, garbage disposals, water softeners, among others.

Our Lakewood plumber is the one to call if you need an upgrade. We will provide you with recommendations that are within your budget, needs, and preferences.

Why Choose A Better Plumber

A Better Plumber has been in the plumbing industry since 2011. As such, we have not only the technical know-how but also the professional service only a licensed plumbing company can deliver. We ensure that the quality of our work is worth every penny you spend. 

How We Do It

A Better Plumber offers quality Lakewood plumbing services. The results of our works in both residential and commercial properties are a testament to our goal of becoming the most reliable plumbing company in the Denver area.

Here’s how we do our work:

  1. Appointment Schedule
  2. On-Time Arrival
  3. Detailed Diagnostics
  4. Upfront Pricing
  5. Cost-effective Solutions
  6. Execution of Installation, Repairs, or Replacements
  7. Inspection and Cleanup
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A Better Plumber has the experience, tools, and equipment to handle any plumbing issue. Don’t wait for costly damage to happen. Reach out to a plumber in Lakewood, CO, for installation, maintenance, and replacement. Call us now!