Regular Plumbing Maintenance - Why Is There a Need for It

Regular Plumbing Maintenance: Why Is There a Need for It?

Even the most dedicated homeowners can overlook one of the most essential parts of any property: the plumbing system.

You might think you’ve covered all the bases and that your house is immaculate from top to bottom. This isn’t always the case, however, as our experts at A Better Plumber know all too well.
More often than not, homeowners only call for plumbing services when a dire problem has surfaced. This is one of the worst mistakes a homeowner can commit. You might believe that you’re saving money by not having maintenance done on a regular basis, but you’re mistaken. Repairs are more expensive than routine checkups by a mile.

Importance of Plumbing Maintenance

As experts in the field, we’ll shed light on the importance of regular plumbing maintenance.

1. It will save you money.

Why call a plumber when nothing wrong has happened, right?

If you don’t subject your plumbing system to regular maintenance, your pipes will suffer from wear and tear. Faucet leaks, for example, can be a major damper on your water bill. When this happens, you’ll have to spend a significant amount of money for replacements, repairs, and cleanups.

Make smarter decisions, and have your plumbing system maintained by professionals. When it’s in optimum condition, you won’t have to worry about future emergencies.

2. It will keep the air clean in your home.

Your property’s indoor air quality will suffer if you don’t call plumbers to maintain your plumbing system regularly. Bacteria, mold, and mildew can grow wherever there’s excess moisture, which is most commonly found on leaking pipes. If you’re exposed to mold spores, you’re left vulnerable to catching harmful diseases or suffering from averse reactions.

Not only that, but exposure to mold can also irritate your throat, skin, nose, and mouth. There are obvious signs that mold has infiltrated your home. Watch out for musty odors or smells of rotten wood and wet socks. Don’t wait for mold and mildew to show up before you call a plumber.

3. It will save you time.

Fixing plumbing issues is undoubtedly time-consuming. Depending on the gravity of the problem, it may take hours before everything is running smoothly again. Water and sewage cleanup is also going to be another time sponge no one wants to deal with.

These hindrances can disrupt your schedule. By having home plumbing maintenance conducted regularly, you can save eons of time and always have a fully usable plumbing system.

4. It will maintain the quality of your water.

When you don’t call experts for maintenance, your home’s water quality can deteriorate. When the water pipes corrode, rust and other contaminants can affect the quality of your water supply, making it wholly unusable and unsafe for consumption. Mold, algae, fungi, and bacteria can breed and spread throughout your plumbing system.

If you notice your water is browning, it means your pipes are due for replacement. The corrosion in the water pipes can be avoided by availing of annual plumbing services. A bonus is having higher water pressure. Clogs or tree roots that have found their way to your water pipes might be the culprit for low water pressure, and experts can remove them before they escalate.

5. It will prevent plumbing disasters from happening.

When your plumbing system undergoes regular maintenance, its lifespan will lengthen and plumbing disasters can be prevented, such as sewage backup, bursting pipes, toilet overflow, and water damage.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and sound from invisible damage. The better care you provide your plumbing system, the longer you keep your home in excellent condition.

Maintenance Tips From ABP Experts

Here are some maintenance tips for ABP plumbing experts that you can apply to your home:

  • Avoid putting grease down the drains or flushing it down the toilet.
  • Put used tissues, napkins, and other litter in the trash can. Do not flush them down the toilet.
  • Put screens over all drains in your home to prevent clogs, such as hair clumps and food waste, from blocking your pipes.
  • Avoid using commercial clog removal chemicals. These products can corrode your pipes.
  • Minimize or refrain from using oil-based bath products. These will accumulate in your pipes and affect your drainage system.
  • Run cold water for 15 seconds to flush down food wastes to the main line.
  • Do a weekly check on your entire plumbing system. Check for leaks on pipes or faucets.
  • Keep an eye on signs of moisture, like pools of water, that occur in unlikely places.

Now that you know how important home plumbing maintenance is, all that’s left to do is call the field experts in to do the job. If you’re looking for plumbers in Littleton, CO, A Better Plumber has you covered. Have your plumbing system maintained by us as we also provide drain cleaning, excavation, and sewer camera services. We can’t wait to serve you!

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