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ABP  Sewer Inspection Camera in Englewood, CO
A sewer inspection camera is a tool used to have an inside view of a pipe without digging underground.

The plumber will have an actual image and detailed information of the sewer line. Having this capability allows the homeowner the opportunity to see pictures to understand better what is happening inside. Together, the plumber and homeowner can discuss the best possible solution.

With several sewer cameras in Englewood, CO, it is always wise for the homeowners to know what this tool can do.

As the name suggests, a sewer inspection camera is a camera used in inspecting a sewer line. What makes it valuable is that it can benefit plumbing services. With the technology we have these days, there is no need for an excavation to check the problem inside the sewer line. More specifically, what are the things this sewer inspection camera in Englewood, CO, can identify?


Clogged Drain

As its primary purpose, it can identify if the drain and sewer line are already clogged. After identifying if these are clogged, sewer cameras can see what’s causing the blockage. It could be an accumulation of oil or grease, small toys or objects, a build-up of toilet paper or sanitary napkins, food waste, loose hair (most common), or tree roots.

After identifying the issue, the plumber and homeowner can plan the next steps.

RIDGID sewer cameras available in Englewood, CO, can effectively go inside the smallest, most rigid pipe. Its camera is, of course, waterproof, and the cable line is flexible. This camera is attached to a monitor so the plumber can see it in real-time for easy navigation and evaluation. This RIDGID sewer camera uses high-quality TruSense technology.


Sewer Lines Location

In a monitor attached to the camera, the exact location and angle displays on the monitor. Thus, the locating the damaged pipes.
ABP  Locating Damage Pipes iin Englewood, CO
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Plumbing Structure and its Connections

The camera can also see the types of connections inside and their corresponding fittings. This insight helps the plumbers know how the water flows.


Type of System and Materials Used

Since pipes are underground, even an experienced plumber cannot quickly determine the materials used and the type of system that your house currently has. With the help of a sewer camera in Englewood, CO, you can identify if it has cast-iron pipes or a PVC. This way, it can help predict potential problems.
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