Complete Sewer Inspection

Homeowners, home buyers, and commercial building owners need to have their sewer lines inspected.

The sewer line handles transporting water, soap, detergents, oil, and grease out of the home through pipes. Leaving this unchecked can lead to costly repairs and inconvenience. When hiring a plumbing company, consider those who are using sewer cameras. As the name itself, it is a tool that uses a “camera” that lets the plumber see the inner part of the sewer lines and pipes. Here are things you want to know about sewer inspection cameras in Lakewood, Colorado:
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It pinpoints potential problems

Identifying a potential problem is essential in preventing an emergency from occurring (extensive water leaks and clogged drains). Proactively including a sewer inspection with a camera in Lakewood, CO, is better than fixing a significant problem in your maintenance list. As you know, sewer systems may fall apart as years pass by.

It greatly helps in fixing an immediate problem

If you were not able to prevent it, problems might happen with no warning. However, it is important to know that before a professional plumber can take further action, knowing its root cause is the initial step, just like a doctor doing diagnostic procedures before taking medical intervention on any patient. The same goes for this. Drain cleaners in Lakewood, Colorado, would inspect the area first before taking any step further. Sewer cameras greatly help with this.

It is performed using a high-end camera

With today's technology, sewer line inspection is more manageable. In the past, plumbers dug to see the pipe under your land. Today, it has evolved and now uses a video camera that lets you see the inside without messing up outside.

How is it done? A licensed and qualified plumber uses a sewer snake attached to a small camera. This sewer snake gets inserted into the pipe. The plumber will then look at the connected monitor and evaluate the situation.

RIDGID sewer camera in Lakewood, CO, is popularly known because of its TruSense Technology. This technology uses a two-way data link connecting the inspection camera head (that goes down the drain) to a Wi-Fi-enabled monitor. The plumber stays in one place and inserts the snake into the hole, and then he can see what's on the inside. This TruSense technology includes a high-dynamic-range image sensor that can surpass the most rigid and darkest pipe. As it allows an excellent ratio of bright and dark, it can display the exact image without compromising visibility.

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Actions to be taken after the inspection

After finding the root cause, the plumber can make a recommendation on what repairs are needed. This recommendation may include sewer line repair or a complete replacement, removing clogs through Spartan Sewer Snake, and relining the sewer.

With today's advancement, there are indeed several sewer cameras in Lakewood, Colorado. However, to give you some tips, you need to choose the best plumbing company offering such services. As you may have read, plumbing is never an easy thing to do as it requires getting licenses and extensive training to get the job done correctly. Like the features mentioned above, it is also wise to check which of these companies are using RIDGID sewer cameras in Lakewood, Colorado.

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