The Pros and Cons of DIY Plumbing Jobs

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All home plumbing systems are made tough and are expected to service a home for a long time. However, plumbing issues can still happen from time to time for various reasons. These problems can be due to the house’s age, or they can be due to lack of maintenance. Regardless of the reason, the best approach in such cases is always to contact a local plumber who will work on resolving the problem for you.

While calling a plumber is still the number one option for most households, the advent of video tutorials on Youtube and other social media platforms have paved way for the popularity of DIY home projects, including plumbing repair.

DIY and Plumbing Jobs

When you have problems with your plumbing, and you decide to get the services of a professional plumber, it often means taking time off from work. This is to ensure that you’ll be home when your plumber comes over on the appointed date.

Obviously, this arrangement can be such a hassle for many homeowners, especially for those who have a regular day job. With the emergence of DIY plumbing, people now have the option to fix their plumbing problems on their own at their convenience.

The Pros of DIY in Plumbing

The following are some of the advantages of DIY plumbing:

1. DIY allows you to understand your pipes.

ABP-Plumbing Pipe

The typical plumbing system is composed of several different pipe types. If you have PVC pipes, for instance, these are great for water that you use for drinking and other home supply needs. These are also popularly used for agricultural purposes.

Most plumbing pipes are also measured differently. With PVC pipes, it’s the inside line diameter that gets measured, while CPVC pipes are identified based on their outward diameter. These details are important when you go to a nearby hardware store to buy a set of new plumbing pipes.

2. It helps you know toilet parts and make a quick fix.

A running toilet is a common home plumbing problem, and the culprit is usually a worn flapper, the rubber seal that controls the flow of water from the tank to the bowl.

If the flapper is damaged, replacing it is easy because when you buy a new one, it’s normally accompanied with written instructions on what to do. If you follow these correctly, you can have a new flapper installed in less than ten minutes.

3. DIY gives you confidence to clean your drains.

ABP-Drain Cleaning

To some people, cleaning the drains is eeky, but this need not be so if you have the needed tools like a drain snake. This is usually used by plumbers when getting rid of drain clogs. The snake is plunged into the blocked drain and pulled back out along with the clog. An alternative is a vacuum cleaner if you find a drain snake too complicated to handle.

4. DIY Plumbing helps you improvise.

A common plumbing material is the pipe thread, commonly known as the plumber’s tape. It’s often used to tighten the seals of pipe joints that have become loose. Pipe threads or thread tapes can easily be purchased in many hardware stores, but if these are not available, you can settle for a multipurpose tape.

The Cons of DIY Plumbing

Although some plumbing jobs may appear to be easy, not every plumbing problem can be fixed the DIY way. Below are the reasons you should opt for the services of a professional plumber.

1. DIY can provide you with an inaccurate plumbing problem diagnosis.

Unless you have plumbing knowledge or skills, it can be dangerous tinkering with your plumbing system. If you remove a part without knowing what it’s for, you could end up having a serious problem.

Professional plumbers initially check your plumbing before doing any actual work. Given their expertise, they will not have a difficult time identifying the issue and applying the most appropriate solution.

2. Many DIY jobs are ineffective.

The internet is known for providing you with various helpful information, including plumbing tips and solutions to common plumbing problems. Many of these approaches seem logical, but they are largely ineffective and can hardly compare to the many skills of experienced plumbers. These experts have received ample training and are updated on the latest technology that they can refer to when working on your plumbing.

3. DIY work won’t teach you how to use plumbing tools.

Apart from having a rich plumbing experience, many plumbers have their own plumbing repair kits where they store most of their tools. This can include standard plumbing tapes to advanced drain snakes. While these can be bought in a local hardware outlet, often, only a skilled plumber can use them properly.

4. DIY is not a preventive approach to plumbing.

The DIY option is often reactive in nature. When you have a leaky faucet, DIY can give you a quick but temporary solution. Plumbers do more than that.They won’t only fix the leak, they will also offer you a few plumbing tricks to ensure that the problem will not recur.

5. DIY is not cost-effective.

When it comes to plumbing, the equipment that you need to buy are not exactly cheap. If you have little idea on how they are used, you could also end up making things worse. Other areas of the home can get affected, and this can result in more expenses for you.

Professional plumbers provide plumbing repair services that may appear costly, but in return, you get peace of mind because you are assured that the problem has been resolved to your satisfaction. This can save you money in the long term because repairs will not be immediately needed.

6. DIY work is not safe.

Plumbing is a dangerous job. Plumbers are often exposed to various hazards while doing their job, particularly exposure to molds, chemicals, and harmful bacteria. Fortunately, they are usually given training on how to handle these dangers so they can work safely. This is not something that a DIY project can provide you.

Key Takeaway

Many online tutorials about plumbing are not entirely effective. Some of them can even produce disastrous results for you and your home. Even if these DIY approaches do work, they don’t provide any guarantee that the results will last.

Still, DIY projects have achieved immense popularity, and this is because many homeowners find standard plumbing repair costs too high. However, not all plumbing companies charge exorbitant fees for their services. There are trusted plumbing professionals who offer affordable rates. All you have to do is look for them.

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