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Trenchless Sewer Repairs: Are They Good?

When your sewer lines are found to be damaged, you often have to make the tough decision of having these repaired and getting your lush lawn pretty much destroyed. That’s because in repairing the damaged lines, digging a large trench in your yard has to be made, ruining your patio, walkway, lawn, and landscaping in the process.

While this was the norm decades ago, various modern pipe replacement and clearing technologies have virtually eliminated large-scale excavation works nowadays. One such innovative development is trenchless sewer repairs, which basically involve a quick and inexpensive way to repair or replace the main sewer line.

What Is a Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Trenchless sewer repair is part of an advanced method known as trenchless technology, which has eliminated the need to use heavy equipment and multiple technicians when fixing a damaged sewer line. Trenchless plumbing only requires minimal digging. It is done by digging a few small access points that allow a plumber to do the repairs on as many as a hundred feet of pipes.

While many homeowners have yet to learn about it, the technology is actually not that new. It has been around for decades and is already available to both residential and commercial customers.

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repairs

As previously mentioned, trenchless sewer repair only require minimal diggings. From this alone, one can easily deduce some of its benefits. For a better understanding of what it can do for you as a homeowner, let’s list down all that you can gain from choosing this method:

1. Quick Work Completion

Trenchless repairs are faster than traditional methods of fixing damaged pipes. It involves digging two small holes that can be completed in one day. After that, sensors and several other equipment can be used to keep track of solid objects, such as tree roots, that could potentially harm your sewer pipes.

2. Reduced Cost

Trenchless sewer repair costs are more manageable because labor expenses are significantly reduced since only a few people are needed to complete the job. Since it also eliminates large-scale digging, a trenchless repair saves you money. Simply put, the trenchless repair option is not only practical, but it can also be financially beneficial.

Additionally, many sewer repair works can damage your home landscape. However, the trenchless approach does not require destructive lawn digging, so your expenses are not expected to soar compared to the traditional method, where restoring the lawn alone can already break the bank.

3. Minimal Yard Damage

A professional plumber skilled in trenchless repair can work on the damaged sections of a plumbing pipe by using epoxy Perma-liner solutions. This is done by making minor, non-invasive entry points and lining the solutions with the pipes through air pressure. From here, the plumber will then use a long air bladder to cure the pipe to its inner walls. This results in a fully-restored pipe within a matter of hours without digging through your yard.

4. Improved Water Lines

A trenchless sewer repair service can improve the water flow capacities of your pipes. It is because the pipes are not only repaired but also cleaned. In other cases, new pipes are installed, which will naturally mean better water flow.

Additionally, if pipe bursting is employed, a more efficient performance of existing water lines can be expected. This method involves the attachment of a replacement pipe to a pointed burst head, which is then fed through the damaged sections of the pipe. The technique is a “two-in-one” solution that resolves a broken pipe emergency and increases overall pipe performance for many years to come.

5. Safer Work Approach

Trenchless plumbing works reduce the risk of workers digging up harmful underground gases, thus, assuring the safety of both the workers and the homeowners.

Subterranean molds and asbestos pose a serious threat whenever plumbing excavation is performed. A trenchless approach avoids accidental exposure to these dangers.

6. Environmental Protection

Trenchless technology is different from traditional digging. It involves using specialized equipment and techniques to replace or repair sewer lines without ecological damage. The technology eliminates the need for digging up the ground, which can affect the growth of large areas of plants.

7. Long-Lasting Solutions

One of the most important things homeowners need to know about trenchless sewer repairs is that the solution will last long. It involves seamless PVC piping and cured-in place liners, which are considered durable solutions. PVC is resistant to rust and can last up to a hundred years.

Both seamless PVCB piping and cured-in place liners also offer superior quality than the average pipelines on the market. These pipes are immune to corrosion, which can be a serious sewage problem.

8. Minimal Interruption

Standard pipeline companies often provide repair services that use trench techniques, which can involve noisy digging machines. A trenchless pipe repair eliminates this inconvenience by using specialized trenchless sewer repair equipment. The work is also limited to your own backyard and will not intrude on your next-door neighbor’s property.

9. Cleaner Water

The water that gets to your home will be cleaner and healthier after the sewer pipes are repaired or replaced. Many trenchless repair services usually have a guarantee that you will not have any mold or bacteria issues once the work is completed.

Key Takeaway

Trenchless technology, which involves repairing and replacing sewer lines without extensive digging, is a development that has been around for a while. While it has been around for decades, only a few homeowners know about it. Nevertheless, it’s worth considering, especially if you have damaged sewer lines.

The benefits of a trenchless sewer repair service are far-ranging, and it is quite strange that this has not been applied in many plumbing works. Apart from faster and shorter job completion, trenchless repairs produce more efficient and lasting results. It can even lead to cleaner and fresher water that will promote better health for you and your family.

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