Why Call a Plumber for Your Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

Why Call a Plumber for Your Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen and bathroom is exciting, but it’s crucial to get it done right.

While there are great DIY ideas available on the internet, don’t make the mistake of attempting to handle the renovations yourself.

One of the main parts of a kitchen and bathroom renovation is plumbing remodeling — this involves modifying or entirely changing your kitchen sink plumbing and bathroom plumbing.

Here are some reasons why someone would want to renovate their kitchen and bathroom and the benefits of calling the experts to do it.

Why Remodel Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Whether you’ve been planning to remodel your kitchen and bathroom for years or have just bought an outdated house, many benefits come with renovation:

1. Improve Functionality

One of the main reasons for remodeling is to improve daily functionality. There are kitchens and bathrooms with design flaws that can be inconvenient at times. For example, a particularly pesky drawer in your kitchen can prevent you from fully opening the adjacent cabinet or your refrigerator door. Updating deteriorated facets of your kitchen and bathroom will improve accessibility and ease of use.

2. Meet Certain Needs

If you belong to a growing family, your household needs will eventually adapt accordingly. Having more people occupying the house entails a need for more countertop space and a larger pantry.
Having bathroom facilities capable of accommodating the needs of every family member — including the kids, handicapped, and elderly — is a must.

3. Fit Your Desired Design

Is your house newly bought, or are you just looking for a change in style? A kitchen and bathroom remodel is an excellent idea for both. If you aren’t into wood or linoleum, for instance, an upgrade may be due. The decision is up to you.

4. Save Money

A remodel might be what you need if there’s a part of your bathroom or kitchen that needs repair. If the damage is in your bathroom or kitchen sink plumbing, your entire plumbing system might need a complete remodel to prevent worsening the plumbing system. This, in turn, can save you from costly repairs and the dangers of having a faulty plumbing system.

Why Call Plumbers for a Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

If you are contemplating why you need to call kitchen and bathroom remodel plumbers, here are some benefits:

1. Proper Demolition

If you’ve ever seen an ad where a homeowner sledgehammers their way through a remodel, don’t make the same mistake. Kitchen and bathroom plumbing are usually in the walls, under the slabs, or above the ceiling. Handling the demolition yourself can lead to destroying parts of your house.

Professional plumbers have the right equipment, knowledge, and tools to keep your plumbing and hidden fixtures safe from harm.

2. Advanced Planning

Do you have a kitchen and bathroom design in mind but aren’t sure if it’ll work? A good plumber has the expertise to inspect and inform you whether your plan is practical.

They can also coordinate with other professionals, working hand-in-hand with designers and engineers to develop the best and most practical design — both interior and plumbing — for your kitchen and bathroom.

3. Plumbing Codes

Have your kitchen and bathroom plumbing designed according to plumbing code standards. This ensures that your system is built with quality, functionality, and safety considered to be free from any design flaws. It also saves you from costly repairs caused by poor plumbing leading to major issues.

What To Ask and Expect From Professional Plumbers

Now that you know the importance of calling a plumbers for your remodel, here are some of the things you should ask them:

  • Their hourly rates
  • Their rates for unrelated tasks
  • Their assistance for permits
  • Their start date
  • Their estimated completion date
  • Their list of plumbing fixtures needed

Once everything is settled and agreed upon, here are some of the things you can expect the plumber will do for you:

  • Creating a new plumbing system or improving the existing one to fit the renovation
  • Moving the existing plumbing pipes and drain lines
  • Replacing plumbing fixtures, if needed, and installing new ones
  • Ensuring that every fixture in the plumbing system is working properly

Seek Help From Professional Plumbers

A kitchen and bathroom remodel involves many factors, plumbing renovations among them.

There are many aspects to be considered and codes to be followed. To get the assurance that everything is done right, calling a professional plumbing service is your best option.

A Better Plumber provides the best plumbing services. With our highly-trained plumbers in Aurora, CO, we guarantee that your kitchen and bathroom are in good hands. If you have any inquiries or questions about our plumbing services, contact us today.

We look forward to helping you realize your dream plan for your kitchen ad bathroom.

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