Everything You Need To Know About Hose Bibs

Everything You Need To Know About Hose Bibs

What are hose bibs? Hose bibs are small devices attached to hoses that have been helping homeowners fulfill essential tasks and take pleasure in their outdoor spaces like cleaning their cars, watering their plants, or just filling up their garden pools. Hose bibs bring water from your indoor system to the outside and are usually attached to garden hoses or faucet systems outside homes. However, they face harsh climates and changing weather conditions, making them prone to wear and tear.

A Better Plumber is your trusted plumber in Denver, Colorado. We are here to help you understand the science behind hose bibs in your house and how to maintain them safely, so they can help you get things done all year long.

Hose Bibs Types

If you check each hose valve around your home, you will realize they vary in kind and function. Should the need to repair or replace them arise, being familiar with the different hose bibs types will come in handy. Let’s take a look at their types and their functions.

1. Non-frost Free

They are one of the oldest types in use and require a lot of maintenance. It’s important to drain the water inside the pipes and hoses connected to these types of hose bibs before winter. This keeps water from freezing inside them during winter.

2. Free Frost

This type of hose bib is popular in areas with freezing weather conditions. Unlike non-frost free hose bibs, you don’t have to drain the hoses and pipes connected to free frost hose bibs during cold seasons. They are also convenient and easy to maintain.

3. Loose Key

This hose bib type comes with a “loose key,” which acts as a handle that turns water on and off. It also controls water system access and helps conserve water when the hose bib is not in use. However, be careful in keeping the key; it’s the only way you can use the hose bib.

4. Round Plastic

You can find this type of hose bib on water heater tanks; they drain the water inside them for replacement or maintenance. They are easy to use and dismantle; you just have to turn them clockwise and yank them slightly.

5. Knobbed

This hose bib type is similar to round plastic bibs in function and location. However, unlike round plastic bibs, this type of hose bib requires a pipe wrench to remove or loosen.

Maintaining Hose Bibs

Now that we know what hose bibs are and their types, it’s time to learn about their maintenance. Without proper care, they might develop problems that are worse than minor leaks.

Here are some common problems you might experience with neglected outdoor faucets and how to perform safe hose bibs repair:

1. Freezing

Some types of exterior bibs you need to winterize when the temperature goes down. Garden hoses and other water outlets connected to the hose bib can trap water that can freeze and burst pipes when spring comes. Keep this from happening by cutting the water supply to the exterior tap of the house and draining them.

2. Leaking

What if you already turned your spigot off, but there is still water dripping from your faucet? This issue may be due to loose valves that make water pressure force water to flow through continually. The only way to fix this is to replace your outdoor faucet with a newer and sturdier one. Also, make sure to regularly check your plumbing system for any damage to prevent further problems or make hose bibs repairs necessary.

3. Corrosion

Exposure to the sun and water can corrode and rust metal handles of outdoor faucets, making them prone to breakage. Things can get significantly worse when the handle breaks while the water is still flowing. The only way to fix this is to cut off the water supply.

Let Better Plumber Take Care of Your Hose Bibs

Give them the attention they need. Spigots may be average household pieces, but they can be a source of major problems such as flooding when neglected. Maintain them regularly to keep them functioning for a long time.

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